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Four approaches for an unforgettable trade fair performance

The costs of attending the trade fair are high - but they are only part of the total investment volume. Because you are in competition with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of brands and companies on the exhibition grounds. So, to achieve your trade show goals, you sometimes need to invest between 25 and 50 percent in additional trade show booth design ideas to create a unique experience that attracts visitors and becomes the topic of conversation. Know more about banksy exhibition.

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If you only rely on what the organizers provide you with, you will achieve the same level of performance as everyone else. But to stand out, you need to adopt a different strategy. In combination with an impressive exhibition stand design, you have to create an event that sticks in the minds of the visitors and becomes unforgettable. Know more about Exhibition Stand Dubai.

To create such design ideas for the desired experience, you need to consider what it is worth remembering for people. Consider the following four aspects:

1. People remember emotions

People can't always remember everything they've been told or communicated. But you will always remember how you managed to feel. Think about what emotions you want your design ideas to evoke when the visitor comes to your booth. Give your Messe stand gestalt erclear instructions. Should they be inspired? Do you want to be impressed? Do you want to feel understood? Learn more about Exhibition Stand Design.

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When you start a conversation, you should leave product topics aside for the time being. Even banal questions such as "What do you think of the trade fair" are not effective - because they are arbitrary. Why don't you ask a very unconventional question? “Is an avocado actually a fruit? And if so, is it the best fruit? " You might be interested in Exhibition Stand Design Dubai.

Make your stand a special and inviting place with creative trade fair construction ideas. Introduce stand visitors to other stand visitors. Rent comfortable furniture and upholstered carpets. Initiate relevant, contextual conversations and ensure your booth staff are aware of the content and schedule for the day.

2. People remember surprises

It's a scientific fact: encounters with the unexpected create memories in the brain.

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Inspire your stand construction service, to present something that is completely out-of-the-box. For example, address the nose by exposing participants to a specific scent. Or give them something to hold. Or offer unique dishes to eat. Provide entertainment that animates or surprises your stand visitors. Have a chef prepare a meal that combines grilled cheese with tequila, for example. Think of something completely surprising - the main thing is that it is remembered!

3. People remember the simplicity

When people read, their short-term memory is engaged. So avoid complex language. Make sure your messages are simple, clear, and easy to remember - your booth needs to communicate. Remember that signage is only there to guide people - nothing more. Rather, you should focus on getting into conversation with the visitors - to talk to people who really have an interest in it. 

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4. People remember repetition

Repetition is the key aspect of communication before the trade show. Make sure that you communicate a consistent message to your target groups across all media - invitations, social media, advertisements, etc. That way you will be remembered before actually meeting yourself. 

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Continue the repetitions at the booth. If you can afford to increase your trade show presence, you should take the time to boot to qualify and engage in active networking. If you are attending a four-day trade show, consider hosting a VIP dinner or event on the third day. Invite the audience to these events when they are perfectly planned.

Four approaches for an unforgettable trade fair performance

The costs of attending the trade fair are high - but they are only part of the total investment volume. Because you are in competition with ...